What is GeoThermal?

Geothermal provides heating, cooling and hot water for homes using the solar energy from underground. We install a ground loop field buried in the yard that circulates a water-based solution through a series of pipes. A flow center is installed on your unit or a wall by the unit. It used to pump the solution in the ground loop to the unit to disperse heating and cooling throughout the building. An indoor heat pump is used to provide heating and cooling primarily through forced air and radiant. Forced air heating and cooling uses an air-handler to disperse heat from the ground through ductwork and vents and reversed for cooling. Radiant heating uses pipes under the building’s floor to circulate warm water for even heating. Most Geothermal Systems come standard with a desuperheater that captures excess heat to assist a hot water heater.

With 30-70% savings on heating and cooling costs, 25-40% savings on hot water costs, AND a 30% tax credit, there’s never been a better time to get a GeoComfort Geothermal System. The 30% credit applies to geothermal equipment placed in service through 2019. Tax credits will still be available at a reduced rate until 2022. And, there’s a 10% federal tax credit for commercial geothermal heat pump installations.

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